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How to Liver Lemon Dare to Care

  1. Dare or accept the dare
  2. Make a donation to American Liver Foundation here.
  3. Prepare materials
    • Buy lemons
    • Cut the lemons into quarters
    • Prepare to pucker up
  4. Film it (ask a friend!) and remember to keep it short! Here’s a sample script to use:
    “I’m _____ and I am taking the Liver Lemon Dare to Care for the American Liver Foundation, and I’m asking _____, _____, and _____ to help care for those affected by liver disease by taking the dare and donating to ALF. You have 24 hours. Go!”
  5. Upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure that you tag the American Liver Foundation and the friends you’d like to challenge. Don’t forget to use the #liverlemondare hashtag when sharing your video!
  6. “Double Dog Dare” your friends, if you’d like. Those dared have to eat two wedges or double their donation!

liver lemon dare social media

ALF Social Media Information and tips for a successful dare:

  • Get Creative- do something that’s a little out of the ordinary!
  • Pucker up- the success of the dare hinges on your ability to get others excited, so have fun with it and be expressive!
  • Pick at least three friends to dare and call them out. Make sure you tag them on the social media site you’re using so that they see your dare.
  • Shoot for the stars and try to dare someone famous!
  • Remember to use the hashtag #liverlemondare and try to tag the American Liver Foundation whenever possible (@liverinfo on Facebook, @americanliver on Instagram and @liverUSA on Twitter).
  • Follow up with the people you dare to make sure they respond and dare others..
  • Make sure to share your video with as many people as possible. Make sure to include the link to to give people more information about the dare.

Here are the links to the ALF social media accounts:


Sample Videos

Check out all the challenge videos here!

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